Action they say speaks louder than words!

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, he was welcomed as the Messiah. Later he cleansed the temple but the religious leaders were not happy with him, they saw his action as an attack on them and they were determined to get rid of him.
They questioned Jesus about his authority and power but his response will now become a big question for all of us today.

In Matthew 21:28-32, Jesus responded with a story of a father who had two sons, he went to the first then to the second requesting them to go and work in his vineyard, the first said no but later went while the second said yes but later did not go.

To this Jesus asked who did the fathers will between the two sons? Of course we shall all respond: “it was the first son”. Even though he said no, he later realised the need to obey the father as in Ephesians 6:1 (Honour your father and mother) and did the Fathers will. He went into the vineyard and made the father proud!
The second son was quick to say yes, may be as a way of getting the fathers initial praise but his yes was not transmitted into action. Thus he failed in his promise. He failed his Father!

This short story represents many of us today:
Our faith comes by hearing according to Romans 10:17 and James 2:17 says faith without good works is dead in itself.

At baptism, we said yes to God. Through the instrumentality of our parents, we grew to maintain our yes by our words and actions. However, how many parents today can proudly say we gave our child the best christian foundation, we put in every effort to sustain that baptismal yes hoping that the child will grow up to carry it on?

How many adults can proudly say today, I am still saying yes to my baptismal callings. I am still answering yes to my profession of faith. I am still rejecting and resisting the devil, i am still insisting on the truth and I am still persisting in goodness?

Friends, Jesus is calling us back to our life’s purpose today – to a conversion of heart that will eventually lead us to the eternal truth. It is not too late to say yes again to Jesus, to change and to be converted, for to those who know their need for forgiveness, those who have fallen but are trying to turn their lives around, Jesus will always offer the possibility of redemption from past mistakes.

St. Augustine, we remember, spent many years far away from Christ, finally he admitted his need for forgiveness. You remember his words “Late have I loved you, o beauty so ancient and so new.”
We can also think of many biblical figures whose later encounter with Jesus transformed their lives for good.

No one is beyond the power of Jesus and his redeeming love. No sin is beyond God’s forgiveness! He proves his love and mercy by pouring his life out for us on a cross.

Let us pray

Father of mercy and love, many times we have not been loyal to you, many times we have failed to walk in your path. We ask you today to help us to be truly sorry for what we have done wrong, teach us again your ways and give us hope and strength. We make our prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen

Happy Sunday 🤩🎉

Fr. James Anyaegbu

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